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COVID-19 Gifts To Thank Staff

COVID-19 Gifts To Thank Staff
COVID-19 Gifts To Thank Staff

Show Staff Your Appreciation With A Gift Hamper!

Our staff appreciation gift hampers are a perfect way to thank, and motivate your staff at any time of the year, especially in these trying times.

With the COVID outbreak in mind, giving a gift to staff who are working from home during these uncertain and challenging times, can make all the difference when it comes to feeling like part of the team or for a much-needed mental boost.

We all know and appreciate the efforts of front-line staff and healthcare workers.

There are also many businesses whose staff have pulled together and adapted to the necessary changes due to COVID.

Often, these hard-working staff members have put in extra time and effort even knowing that their job future is uncertain.

To show you really appreciate your staff and their extra efforts our gift hampers are a nice way to say thank you.

An employee gift hamper and a personalised thank you card is an excellent way to acknowledge your staff’s dedication and to inspire continued hard work.

It is well known that employees who receive a token of appreciation.

Such as a staff gift hamper from ‘Gift Box Hampers’, makes staff feel appreciated by their team leaders and co-workers, have greater job satisfaction and are more productive.

At busy and trying times it can be easy to forget how important it is to acknowledge the continued performance of those regular, daily work routines.

Your consistently hard-working staff that have their head down and get the job done can sometimes feel overlooked.

Especially in comparison to management and front-of-house staff.

Often, it’s your essential workers that keep the business running. A simple ‘thank you‘ and a small gift to say, ‘job well done’ can go a long way to making your staff feel genuinely valued and part of the team.

Boost morale around the office with thoughtful appreciation gift hampers.

Maybe things have been a little hectic and staff are feeling exhaustion or strain.

Your team might be worth their weight in gold, but if the business is feeling the pinch with social distancing and reduced sales, finding an affordable way to show staff appreciation can be an additional challenge.

One of our budget-friendly gift hampers for employees is often a cheaper option than a cash bonus or other financial reward. 

Our gourmet food and wine hampers are an especially great way to thank staff. Our budget conscious Jacob’s Creek wines produce good affordable luscious medium bodied wines along with a selection of chocolates or sweet & savoury nibbles etc… 

Our thank you gift hampers make a perfect reward, as these little luxuries are things your staff most likely not buy for themselves.

Our personalised gift cards allow you to add that personal message to your staff thank you gift hamper, making your gift of appreciation present even more special.

Shop With Gift Box Hampers For All Your Staff Gifts and Corporate Hampers

Looking for gift inspiration to thank your staff this year? 

Have a look at our range of staff thank you gift hampers, or click here to browse our complete gift hamper range.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on staff gifts to show your appreciation. Here at Gift Box Hampers we have a range of great budget minded gift hampers you can send during lockdown that are perfect to give as a token of appreciation for all staff who continue to do a great job.

Impress your staff and clients with thoughtful gift hampers they’ll love.

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