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Aussie Treats Hamper

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Choose from Allen's Minties, Nobby's Salted or Beer Nuts, Maltesers, Pascall Marshmallows, M&m's Peanut or Milk Chocolate, Licorice or Liquorice Bullets.
Choose from the dropdown menu... Allen's Minties Mint Chews, Nobby's Salted or Beer Nuts, Maltesers, Pascall Marshmallows, M&m's Peanuts, M&m's Milk Chocolate, licorice or Liquorice Bullets... Your choice
Choose Arnott's Shapes varieties- Vegemite & Cheese, Pizza, Cheese & Bacon, Cheddar or BBQ. Tiny Teddy, Wagon Wheels Multipack or TeeVee Chocolate Biscuits.
Our Shapes range includes your Original favourites like BBQ, Pizza, Cheddar and Cheese & Bacon. Arnott’s Tiny Teddy, Wagon Wheels Multipack or TeeVee Chocolate Biscuits ... Please select your choice from the dropdown menu...
Nestle Milo Choc-malt 200g
MILO® is a nutrient rich, low GI choc malt powder drink providing kids the nourishing energy they need to take on the day.
Vegemite Spread 150g
There aren’t many products or brands that have been embraced in the same style, or with the same amount of love, as the VEGEMITE brand has been.
Choose from our Aeroplane Original Flavoured Jelly Varieties
Aeroplane Jelly has a special place in the hearts of all Australians. Lemon, Lime, Purple Grape, Green Apple, Orange, Port Wine, Watermelon or Raspberry flavours to choose from...
Dollar Sweets Sprinkles Magic 100s & 1000s 145g
An Australian favourite enjoyed for decades - the classic fairy bread topping! Sprinkle over cakes, desserts, ice creams or buttered bread.
Your Choice... Tim Tams 200g or Arnott's Teddy Bear Plain Biscuits 250g
Your Choice... Arnott's Tim Tam Original chocolate biscuits made with irresistible real chocolate. Or the Original Teddy Bear bikkie with a home-baked taste and delicious when dunked in milk.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Block 180g
Deliciously smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. The equivalent of a glass and a half of full cream milk in every 200g of Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate.
Choose from Maggi 2 Minute Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles or Australia's favourite chocolate bar varieties...
Use the dropdown menu here to select from a choice of MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles Chicken Flavour noodles or our all-time favourite chocolate bars. Or 2 Cadbury Giant Caramello Koala Chocolate Bars. You Choose...
Our Signature Gift Box..
Beautifully presented in our Gift Box Hampers Signature Gift Box finished with ribbon, packed safely with our own specially fragrant wood wool and personal message gift card.
Note: From time to time we may not have a particular stocked item, which will be replaced with similar item equal or better in price.

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#1 Aussie Treats Hamper

Get ready to celebrate in true Aussie style with this ripper of a hamper packed with all your favourite Down Under treats! Crack open this beaut box and you’ll find a bonza selection of classic Aussie goodies to make any occasion extra special.

First up – the one and only Vegemite. Slather it on hot, buttered toast or fresh bread and experience the irresistible savoury taste that’s been an Aussie breakfast staple for 100 years!

Next is the sweet childhood favourite, Aeroplane Jelly. With its yummy fruity flavours, it’s perfect for making jelly cups, slices or get creative and use it to flavour ice cream and cakes.

You can’t miss the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate block – a chocolatey delight we’ve all grown up loving.

And to add some colour and crunch there’s 100’s and 1000’s, the classic sprinkles that are a must for fairy bread and decorating sweet treats.

This Aussie Treats Hamper is choc-full of quintessentially Australian goodies, making it the ultimate Aussie gift to celebrate a special occasion. Surprise your loved ones or new Aussie citizens with a hamper bursting with the tastes of home.

Beautifully presented in our signature gift box and finished with a handwritten card, this is one pressy that’ll put smiles on dials. We deliver Australia wide – so no matter where you are, you can spread the joy of Aussie treats.

So get ready to say G’day to the flavours you love with our Aussie Treats Hamper! It’s sure to turn any occasion into a rip-snorter of a celebration!

Please Note:

We strive to include your preferred box colours with each Aussie Treats Hamper delivery. However, supply constraints may occasionally limit colour availability. If we must substitute your first choice, be assured the replacement will match the gift’s style and quality. While the colour may differ, our commitment to delighting you and your recipient remains constant.

What do you put in an Australian hamper?

When putting together an Australian hamper, you’ll want to include all the classic Aussie treats! Throw in some Tim Tams for a chocolate fix. Vegemite on toast is a staple – add a small jar so they can enjoy this salty spread. Don’t forget the Cadbury chocolate and iconic Aussie biscuits like Anzac cookies. And of course, a bottle or two of fine Australian wine is a must. For a unique addition, incorporate indigenous ingredients like lemon myrtle or wattle-seed. Stuffing the hamper full of iconic foods and goodies will give anyone a taste of Australian culture!

What do you put in a treat hamper?

When assembling a delightfully delicious treat hamper, you’ll want to include a tasty assortment of goodies to please even the pickiest palate. Consider an array of decadent chocolate truffles, crumbly shortbread cookies, sweet gourmet caramels, and other tempting sweets to create a gift basket brimming with flavour. Don’t forget to add some savoury snacks too – gourmet popcorn, nuts, or crackers paired with fine cheeses make tasty additions. Top it off with a bottle of wine, sparkling cider, or artisanal olive oil and you have a treat-filled gift basket anyone would love to receive. With careful selection, you can create a hamper full of their favourite treats that is sure to bring joy.

What do you put in an Australian Christmas hamper?

When it comes to Christmas in Australia, gift hampers are a popular tradition. So what kinds of goodies can you expect to find in an Aussie Christmas hamper? Well, let’s take a peek inside!

You’re likely to find several iconic Australian food items like jars of Vegemite, packets of Tim Tams, and boxes of lamington cakes. A nice bottle of Australian wine is also a must. Some other fun treats could be macadamia nuts, handmade chocolates, or shortbread cookies.

To add a festive flair, the hamper will be decorated with Christmas ribbons, bows, pinecones, and eucalyptus sprigs. It’s sure to put anyone who receives it in the holiday spirit! With tasty snacks, useful kitchen tools, and special mementos, an Australian Christmas hamper makes a fantastic and unique gift.

What is a goodie hamper?

I’m glad you asked! A goodie hamper is a gift basket or box filled with delicious treats and fun surprises. These special packages are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion when you want to give someone a little extra joy. Goodie hampers are often packed with a thoughtful assortment of snacks, candies, baked goods, teas, coffees, and other yummy edibles. You can find pre-made hampers at gift shops or online retailers, or make your own customised creation. The best goodie hampers are chock-full of the recipient’s favourite foods and goodies. They’re a creative way to show you care and brighten someone’s day!

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