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Gourmet Bellissimo Hamper


Magnifique French Style Cognac Fruits 540g
Fresh, Australian pears with maraschino cherries and apricots are packed in this stunning Italian glass jar and then filled with cognac syrup.
Magnifique Italian Style Gourmet Antipasto 490g
Beautifully presented in an elegant Italian glass jar, our Gourmet Antipasto mix makes an ideal gift.
Our Signature Gift Box..
Beautifully presented in our Gift Box Hampers Signature Gift Box finished with ribbon, packed safely with our own specially fragrant wood wool and personal message gift card.
Note: From time to time we may not have a particular stocked item, which will be replaced with similar item equal or better in price.

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Gourmet Bellissimo Hamper

You’re in for a gourmet delight with the Gourmet Bellissimo Hamper! This lavish gift set tantalises the senses with its fusion of Italian and French culinary treasures.

First, prepare your palate for the antipasti adventure of the Magnifique. This antipasto blend is a symphony of sun-kissed flavours – semi-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplants, and herbs infused in olive oil. Heaping spoonfuls over crisp greens or hot pizza crust will transport you straight to the rustic trattorias of Tuscany.

But wait, the taste bud tour continues with Magnifique’s French cousin – the Cognac Fruits. Juicy pears and cherries soaked in a sweet, boozy nectar are the perfect way to end a meal. Served over velvety vanilla gelato, this luscious dessert is sure to delight.

Beautifully presented in our signature gift box and tied with a gold ribbon & bow, the Bellissimo Hamper makes gift-giving easy. Its reusable bottles dressed with blooms will brighten any home after the edible treasures are enjoyed.

Surprise a gourmand in your life with this palate-pleasing pair! We’ll ship the Bellissimo Hamper nationwide so you can deliver 5-star flavour anywhere in Australia.

Please Note:

We strive to include your preferred box colours with each Gourmet Bellissimo Hamper delivery. However, supply constraints may occasionally limit colour availability. If we must substitute your first choice, be assured the replacement will match the gift’s style and quality. While the colour may differ, our commitment to delighting you and your recipient remains constant.

What do you put in a gift hamper?

Excellent question! Gift hampers are a thoughtful way to give someone a variety of treats in a beautiful package. When putting together a gift hamper, you’ll want to include a thoughtful assortment of goodies tailored to the recipient’s tastes. Some classic gift hamper ideas include gourmet snacks like cheese, crackers, chocolates, cookies or pastries; luxury toiletries like soaps, lotions or candles; gourmet coffees or teas; gift cards for their favourite store or restaurant; wine or spirits with complementary glassware; baked goods you’ve made yourself; or any combination of smaller gifts creatively arranged in a decorative basket, box or tin. The options are endless! Just be sure to choose a variety of their favourite foods, useful items and indulgences to create a personalised gift hamper that shows how well you know them.

What is a basket full of gifts called?

The answer is a cornucopia! A cornucopia is the horn-shaped basket overflowing with fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, and other harvest items that has come to symbolise abundance and prosperity. Though it originated as an ancient Greek drinking vessel shaped like an animal’s horn, a cornucopia is now most famously used as a decorative motif associated with fall harvest festivals and Thanksgiving celebrations. When pictured as a symbolic object filled to the brim with produce, breads, gourds, and other delicious goods, a cornucopia represents the bounty of the harvest season. So if you see a basket or container shaped like a horn that is filled to overflowing with food, flowers, and gifts, you can call it a cornucopia.

What is a hamper shop?

A hamper shop is a delightful place where you can find all sorts of wicker baskets, cloth bags, and other carrying vessels. These shops are like treasure chests, bursting with beautifully handcrafted hampers, totes, and bins of all shapes and sizes. Stepping inside a hamper shop, you’ll be surrounded by an eye-catching array of storage solutions that can lend charm and character to any space. The hampers come in natural, unfinished wicker or brilliantly painted colours. You’ll find gigantic picnic baskets with handy compartments and petite laundry bins woven from seagrass. Hamper shops are filled with variety, letting you find just the right container to corral your belongings or give as a gift. Wandering through the aisles, you’ll be tempted to grab a little of this and a little of that. Before you know it, you’ll have an armful of hampers for every need!

What is a hamper in the UK?

In the UK, a hamper refers to a large basket or container filled with an assortment of food, drinks, and other items. Hampers are traditionally given as gifts around the holidays like Christmas, and are a beloved British tradition. The hamper contains a delightful variety of treats – jams, biscuits, chocolates, wine, spirits, and more. The recipient can dive into the hamper and enjoy discovering all the tasty delights inside. Hampers make wonderful gifts as they allow the giver to create a personalised selection of the recipient’s favourite foods and drinks. They are a way to share a little bit of British culture and hospitality. So when someone in the UK mentions a hamper, they’re talking about a beautifully packaged gift basket full of delightful goodies to eat and drink.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 37 × 21 × 12 cm



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