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Matariki Pamper Hamper

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Goats Milk Soap 2 x 100g
Matariki is a time of reflection, renewal, and connection with nature. The act of gifting Goats Milk Soap symbolises cleansing and rejuvenation, aligning with the themes of Matariki.
Hand And Body Wash, Your Choice
Hand and Body Wash is a meaningful gift idea for Matariki, combining elements of self-care, cultural significance, and practicality.
Hand And Body Lotion, Your Choice
Hand and body lotion is a good gift idea for Matariki, reflecting the spirit of renewal and connection that characterise this special time of year.
Classic Oval Lavender Soap 90g
The aromatic scent of lavender can evoke feelings of tranquility and promote well-being, making it a versatile and appreciated gift for various occasions.
Sweet Scented Soy Candle, your choice. Select from the dropdown box…
These scents enhance the ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation or gatherings during Matariki festivities. Your Choice…
Floral Scented Bath Bomb Trio 3 x 150g
Bath bombs are known for their aromatic scents and luxurious qualities, making them a popular choice for relaxation and self-care.
Choose your Shortbread/Cookies, Now Including Coconut Macaroons!
Shortbread and coconut macaroons are excellent Matariki comfort food gifts. Your Choice…
Choose one of our Regal Confectionary & Nuts, beautifully presented 95g jar
Nuts are rich in healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, making them a wholesome gift choice.
Choose one of our Regal Confectionary & Nuts, Dark/Milk Chocolate Coated Yummies
Try our snacks dipped in exquisite dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Coated Macadamias, Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds, Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries, Peanut Clusters or Dark Chocolate Coated Raspberries. Your choice...
Our Signature Gift Box..
Beautifully presented in our Gift Box Hampers Signature Gift Box finished with ribbon, packed safely with our own specially fragrant wood wool and personal message gift card.
Note: From time to time we may not have a particular stocked item, which will be replaced with similar item equal or better in price.

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Matariki Pamper Hamper

Rejuvenate and pamper someone from head to toe with the Matariki Pamper Hamper!

  • Indulge in aromatic bath bombs, heavenly body washes, silky body lotions, and gentle goat’s milk soaps.
  • Fill your home with relaxing soy candle fragrances of lemongrass and sweet pea.
  • Satisfy your tastebuds with melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, crunchy biscuits, roasted nuts, and chocolate treats.

Escape to a spa-like oasis with this Matariki Pamper Hamper. Inside you’ll discover an array of indulgent bath and body products to deeply cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin. Inhale the floral explosions of the fizzing bath bombs and body washes as they transport you to a tranquil state of bliss.

Smother your skin in the creamiest body lotions that melt into your skin and blanket you in silky softness. Gentle, fragrance-free goat’s milk soaps will pamper you as they melt away dry skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Light the soy candles and fill your home with mouthwatering aromas that create a relaxing escape. Complete the spa journey by indulging your tastebuds with melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, roasted nuts, crunchy biscuits and decadent chocolate-dipped treats.

Feel pampered, relaxed and satisfied after experiencing everything inside this ultimate Matariki ahunga nui indulgence.

What does matariki ahunga nui mean?

In the Māori language, Matariki refers to the Pleiades star cluster, which is also known as the Seven Sisters. This celestial event marks the Māori New Year and holds great cultural and spiritual importance for the indigenous people of New Zealand. Matariki signifies a time of reflection, renewal, and celebration of life.

The term “ahunga nui” can be translated to mean “great significance” or “important principles” in English. Therefore, when combined with Matariki, “matariki ahunga nui” could be interpreted as emphasising the profound significance and guiding principles associated with this celestial event.

In essence, Matariki ahunga nui encapsulates the deep-rooted cultural values, traditions, and teachings that are celebrated and honoured during the Māori New Year. It highlights the importance of unity, connection to nature, honouring ancestors, and fostering community well-being.

Overall, Matariki ahunga nui represents a holistic approach to understanding and appreciating the rich cultural heritage and spiritual essence embodied by Matariki and its associated customs within the Māori tradition.

What do you put in an Australian hamper?

In Australia, hampers are popular gifts for various occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or corporate events. They usually contain a selection of gourmet food and beverages that showcase the country’s diverse culinary offerings.

A typical Australian hamper may include items such as locally produced wines or craft beers, artisanal cheeses, gourmet chocolates, specialty biscuits or cookies, jams and preserves made from native fruits, nuts or dried fruits, premium olive oils or condiments, and perhaps even kangaroo jerky for a unique touch.

Additionally, some hampers may feature items specific to the region they are sourced from, such as Tasmanian smoked salmon, Queensland macadamia nuts, or South Australian wines.

To enhance the presentation and overall experience, hampers are often beautifully packaged in wicker baskets or gift boxes with decorative ribbons and personalised messages.

In conclusion, an Australian hamper typically consists of a curated selection of high-quality local produce and delicacies that reflect the rich and diverse food culture of the country. These hampers make for thoughtful and impressive gifts that celebrate the best of Australian cuisine.

What is the difference between a hamper and a gift basket?

A hamper and a gift basket are both popular choices for presenting gifts, especially during festive occasions or special events. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are distinct differences between the two.

A gift basket is typically a decorative container filled with an assortment of small items or products, such as gourmet foods, chocolates, bath and body products, or small trinkets. The focus of a gift basket is on the variety and presentation of the items within it. Gift baskets are often pre-arranged and may come in themed designs to suit different occasions or preferences.

On the other hand, a hamper is usually a larger container that contains a collection of items, often centred around a specific theme or purpose. Hampers can include a mix of perishable and non-perishable goods, such as wine, cheese, fruits, nuts, sweets, and other delicacies. Hampers are typically more substantial in size and may be packaged in a reusable container like a wicker basket or a wooden box.

In summary, the key difference lies in the size and contents of the items. Gift baskets are smaller and focus on a variety of smaller items, while hampers are larger and often contain a curated selection of goods centred around a specific theme or occasion.

To illustrate this difference further, consider an example: A gift basket for Mother’s Day may include small items like scented candles, chocolates, and bath salts arranged in a decorative basket. In contrast, a Mother’s Day hamper could feature larger items like a bottle of wine, gourmet cheese selection, fresh fruits, and artisanal chocolates presented in a more substantial container.

In conclusion, understanding the distinction between a hamper and a gift basket can help you choose the most suitable option for your gifting needs based on the occasion, recipient preferences, and budget considerations.

How do you make a cute gift hamper?

To make a cute gift hamper, follow these steps:

1. Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme for your gift hamper, such as spa day, gourmet treats, self-care, or relaxation.

2. Select Items: Choose items that fit your chosen theme and the recipient’s preferences. For example, if you’re creating a spa day hamper, include items like scented candles, bath salts, a loofah, and a face mask.

3. Pick a Container: Select a cute basket, box, or container to hold your items. You can decorate the container with ribbons, bows, or tissue paper to add to the cuteness.

4. Arrange Items: Arrange the items in the container in an aesthetically pleasing way. Place taller items at the back and smaller items at the front to create layers and depth.

5. Add Personal Touches: Include personalised items like a handwritten note, a custom-made item, or a photo to make the gift hamper extra special.

6. Wrap it Up: Wrap the gift hamper in cellophane or clear plastic wrap and tie it with a bow or ribbon to give it a polished look.

7. Add Finishing Touches: Consider adding embellishments like confetti, fake flowers, or stickers to enhance the cuteness of the gift hamper.

By following these steps, you can create a cute and thoughtful gift hamper that is sure to delight the recipient. Remember to tailor the items and decorations to suit the recipient’s tastes and preferences for an extra special touch.

I hope these detailed steps help you in creating a cute gift hamper that will bring joy to whoever receives it. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, feel free to ask for more personalised advice.

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Dimensions 35 × 27 × 10 cm



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