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Premium Wine And Cheese Hamper

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This cheese hamper is only available for delivery to certain Gippsland towns. Note: See eligible towns for this service HERE. Also a link provided in the hamper description.  
Narkoojee Wines - Gippsland 750ml. Also now offering 4 Popular Whiskies. Choose from the dropdown menu…
You choose... one of our quality range of Narkoojee wines from Gippsland Victoria, Also now offering 4 Popular Whiskies to choose from.
We have given a choice of South Cape Cheese and Mersey Valley Cheese varieties
You choose... one of South Cape Cheese 140g or Mersey Valley Cheese 180g varieties
We have given a second choice of South Cape Cheese and Mersey Valley Cheese varieties
You choose... one of South Cape Cheese 140g or Mersey Valley Cheese 180g varieties
Small Bamboo Serving Paddle
Perfect for parties and entertaining, use this small paddle as a mini "cheese board". Food safe with natural antimicrobial properties.
Alex Liddy Castella Forked Cheese Knife
Slice your favourite cheeses with precision as well as style using the Alex Liddy Castella Forked Cheese Knife. The perfect choice for everyday as well as special occasion dining.
Choose... one of Olina's Lavosh Crackers - Rosemary & Sea Salt 100g or Natural 100g
Your Choice... Lavosh crackers have a uniquely light and crispy character. We carefully bake them in small batches to deliver a wonderfully crunchy texture.
Char-Grilled Antipasto Medley 120g
A delicious combination of char-grill vegetables, mushrooms & eggplants, semi dried tomatoes blended with garlic, herbs and canola oil.
Antipasto Olives 115g
Our Antipasto Olives are a blend of whole green, kalamata and stuffed olives infused in a garlic and herb oil. Full of natural flavours retaining all their health benefits, such as a high concentration of phenolic compounds, healthy fats and antioxidants!
Chardonnay Pears 350g
These delicious chardonnay pears are prepared by poaching fresh local pears and muscatel grapes in a chardonnay syrup gently infused with cinnamon.
Golden Truffle Oil 100ml
Our Australian Black Truffle Oil is a blend of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with flakes of Black Perigord Truffle, both of which are sourced from the pristine Southern Forests of Western Australia.
Choose your chocolate treat...
Select from our beautiful, decadent range... Choc coated Peanut Clusters, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Tv Mix, Choc Coated raspberry jellies, Macadamias or Choc Coated Almonds.
Honey Roasted Macadamias 95g
Honey Heaven! Our honey roasted macadamia nuts are covered in a crunchy sweet honey coating to produce a deliciously moreish snack.
Roasted Cashews 95g
Dry roasting cashews are slowly roasted without any oil until they are crispy and golden.
Healthy Nibbles Mix 95g
Instant energy on the run! There is never a dull bite in our healthy nibbles mix.
In-House Built Wooden Wine Box or Our Signature Gift Box... Your Choice…
Gift Box Hampers goes one step further in our FCS Pine offering and have taken the time and dedication to source and supply our customers with responsibly grown timber. Or our Signature Gift Box finished with ribbon, packed safely with our wood wool and personal message gift card.
Note: From time to time we may not have a particular stocked item, which will be replaced with similar item equal or better in price.

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NOTE: This Premium Cheese And Wine Hamper is only available for delivery to certain Gippsland towns. See eligible towns for this service CLICK HERE

Premium Wine And Cheese Hamper

Meet the most mouthwatering gourmet Premium Wine And Cheese Hamper your taste buds will ever experience! This epicurean delight is guaranteed to make any special occasion – be it a birthday, wedding, or simple thank you – extraordinarily memorable.

Our masterfully crafted, sustainable wooden wine boxes made locally in Gippsland provide the perfect vessel for this impressive spread. As soon as you crack open the box, you’ll be tantalised by the bountiful treasures within.

First up – a hearty selection of award-winning, exemplary wines from Narkoojee Winery in Gippsland. Their complex bouquets and refined flavours will dance across your palate.

To pair with the wines, we’ve included a decadent assortment of South Cape and Mersey Valley cheeses. Their rich, creamy textures make them the ultimate party cheeses.

To serve up the cheeses in style, we’ve included a chic bamboo cheese board and an elegant Alex Liddy stainless steel cheese knife. This dynamic duo makes cheese and wine pairings a breeze!

Crispy Lavosh crackers add a satisfying crunch to each bite, while the Antipasto Medley and Antipasto Olives provide a briny, herbaceous counterpoint to the cheeses.

The Chardonnay Pears – juicy pears soaked in a cinnamon-kissed Chardonnay syrup – offer the perfect touch of sweetness. Drizzle them with the included truffle oil for an extra dash of luxury.

And what cheese board would be complete without chocolate?

For chocolate enthusiasts, we offer a range of options that will satisfy your cravings.

Choose from Dark Choc Coated Macadamias, Dark Choc Coated Almonds, Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries, Peanut Clusters, or Dark Chocolate Coated Raspberry jellies. These indulgent treats are made with rich, premium chocolate that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.

Finally, an assortment of Regal nuts and nibbles, from protein-packed cashews to sweet, crunchy macadamias, provides a savoury-sweet finish.

This spectacular hamper overflows with gourmet flavours and first-class finds. It’s the ultimate gift for the cheese and wine lover in your life. Don’t hesitate – order this mouthwatering masterpiece today!

Please Note:

Cheese varieties are sometimes unavailable. If this problem arrises with your order we will replace with an equivalent or higher priced product. **

What is the best cheese to put in a wine basket?

When assembling a gift basket featuring wine, the choice of cheese is crucial. Selecting the right cheese to complement the wine will take the gift to the next level. I’d recommend going with a nice aged cheddar, Gouda, or brie. The nutty, savoury notes of these cheeses pair excellently with both red and white wines. They have enough complexity to stand up to bold reds yet enough subtlety not to overpower lighter whites. The creamy texture also contrasts nicely with the dryness of wine. Additionally, these cheeses are crowd-pleasers that anyone is sure to enjoy. Putting an artisanal block of one of these cheeses in your wine basket shows thoughtfulness and makes the gift truly special.

Can you put cheese in a wine basket?

Excellent question! Adding cheese to a wine basket is certainly an intriguing idea. While unconventional, it could make for a creative gift pairing. Typically, wine baskets contain wine, glasses, and wine accessories. However, cheese and wine do complement one another beautifully. So why not combine them in a gift basket?

Just be mindful of finding cheeses that won’t overpower the wine. Soft, creamy cheeses like brie, camembert, or fresh mozzarella would be ideal. The flavours are mild enough to let the wine shine. You could also include cheese knives, crackers, grapes or other pairings to round out the basket. With the right cheeses and wines, it could make a mouthwatering gift! So in short – yes, you absolutely can put cheese in a wine basket. The recipient is sure to be delighted by the delicious duo.

How do you put together a wine and cheese gift basket?

I’m so glad you asked! Assembling a delicious wine and cheese gift basket is one of my favourite things to do. First, you’ll want to pick out a beautiful basket or gift box to hold all the tasty treats. A woven basket adds a rustic touch, while a decorative box lends an elegant feel.

Next, choose an assortment of cheeses – soft brie, aged cheddar, zesty goat cheese, anything that looks appealing. Make sure to include cheese knives and crackers alongside the cheese. You can’t go wrong with classics like Carr’s water crackers or French baguette slices.

Don’t forget the wine! Select a nice red, white and even sparkling wine to offer variety. Cabernet, chardonnay and Prosecco are crowd-pleasing options. Add in wine stoppers and an opener too.

Finally, incorporate other snacks like nuts, olives, chocolates or fruit. Personalise the basket with a bow, gift tag, or handwritten note. Arrange everything attractively within the basket.

And that’s how you create a mouthwatering wine and cheese gift basket they’ll absolutely adore! Let me know if you need any other gift basket tips.

How do you keep cheese fresh in a hamper?

The best way to keep cheese fresh in a hamper is to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or wax paper before placing it in the hamper. Make sure no air can get to the cheese. You can also put the wrapped cheese in a resealable plastic bag. The key is keeping the cheese contained so it doesn’t pick up other smells or flavours from the hamper. For an extra layer of protection, consider packing the cheese in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack. The cooler temperature will prevent the cheese from getting too warm and soft. With the right precautions, it’s easy to enjoy fresh, flavourful cheese even after it’s spent some time in your hamper!

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm



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