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The history of Gift Box Hampers to date.

daryn and merilyn 1
Merilyn & Daryn

Our story begins just three short years ago, when our humble business first opened its doors. Little did we know then how this small seed would grow into the flourishing enterprise you see today.

Though our roots remain grounded in those early days of vision and valiant effort, each year has seen us stretch toward the sun, spreading our branches as we continue reaching for new heights.

There were growing pains, of course – lessons learned through trial and error. Still, challenges only strengthened our resolve. Now, having weathered seasons of change, we stand tall, supported by the loyal customers and dedicated employees who nurture our growth.

Our story continues ever onward, but we’ll never forget where we started – those first courageous steps into the unknown. Though the soil was rough at the outset, it has yielded bountiful fruit. And the best is yet to come!

Our Story…

It was the winter of ’61 when I entered this world, with Merilyn following close behind in ’63. As fate would have it, we were next-door neighbours in the suburb of Lyndale, Dandenong, Victoria.

While my sister and Merilyn were as thick as thieves, I only had eyes for her.

Through adolescence our bond grew into something more, though life had plenty of twists and turns in store. Decades later, that teenage romance has blossomed into an unbreakable partnership, both in love and in business. Despite the ups and downs, our hearts still skip a beat when we lock eyes, taking us right back to those golden days in Lyndale.

I was once a strapping young lad who made his living with the strength of his back and the sweat of his brow. Day after day, I toiled away on construction sites, hefting lumber, hauling bricks, and swinging hammers until my hands were calloused and my muscles ached.

The history of Gift Box Hampers to date. | A Gift For All OccasionsThough the work was gruelling, I took pride in building things with my own two hands, seeing the tangible results of my labor take shape before me. My body bears the marks of those years now – knees creaky from kneeling on concrete, shoulders knotted from lifting and carrying.

But when I see the buildings I helped construct still standing tall, I’m reminded of the vital part I played in raising them up. My younger self lives on in those structures, imbued into their very foundations and frames.

Though my building days are behind me, I’ll always be connected to those job-sites where I grew from a green lad into a seasoned tradesman.

The scent of rich sauces and sizzling meats fills the air as Merilyn dances between gleaming stainless steel counters. With a flick of her wrist, she tosses the pan and catches it effortlessly, years of experience guiding her movements.

This kitchen has been her stage for decades, though the long hours and physical demands have taken their toll. Her joints creak in protest now, the nonstop hustle more exhausting than exhilarating. Reluctantly, Merilyn realises it’s time to take her final bow.

The history of Gift Box Hampers to date. | A Gift For All OccasionsShe’s given this kitchen her heart and soul, but the curtain must eventually close on even the most seasoned performer. Merilyn blows a kiss to the kitchen that raised her, grateful for the memories made within these walls. Though it’s difficult, she knows a new adventure awaits beyond the kitchen doors.

It was a crisp morning in January 2019 when my body decided to give out on me. I had been chatting with a client about her dream pergola, envisioning how the fresh wood would perfume her backyard on summer days.

As I pivoted to examine her patio, I heard a sickening pop in my left knee. Pain rocketed through my joint and I crashed to the ground, the cold concrete slamming into my palms.

In that moment, my sense of invincibility shattered. I was no longer a young buck prancing around job sites. My body had started its inevitable march towards old age. The aches in my back and neck that I had been ignoring could no longer be silenced.

We all have to grow old, but we rarely stop to think about what that really means. How will my body betray me next? What simple actions like pivoting to admire a pergola will bring me crashing down?

Ageing creeps up on us until that definitive moment when we can no longer pretend we are invincible. For me, it came on that January morning with a pop of my knee, a ticking time bomb that was my meniscus. I had torn that sucker apart. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of my knee saga.

After limping to the doctor and getting an MRI, the news came – I had shredded a whopping 85% of my meniscus. No smooth sailing recovery for me! I went under the knife to have the remnants removed, thinking this would be the end of it. Oh, how wrong I was.

Over a short period of time, that knee kept deteriorating. The pain was my constant companion, flaring with each step. Before I knew it, I was back at the doctor’s office discussing the only option left – a full knee replacement.

Let’s just say that fun is not the word I’d use to describe recovering from that surgery. Even now, years later, that bung knee still gives me trouble.

But why stop at one knee? My other joint decided it wanted in on the action too. But that knee’s tale of woe is a story for another day…

The worst part? My lifelong career with manual labor was over in an instant. After decades of hard work, my body had enough. Now what was I supposed to do? With my knees shot, I couldn’t exactly leap back into a physically demanding job. I had some difficult soul searching ahead of me.

Merilyn’s story is like a mirror image to my own, with its own unique reflections. Though we share the same diagnosis of osteoarthritis and its limiting grasp, her selfless act of donating a kidney to grant another life resonates most profoundly.

In sacrificing a part of herself, she epitomises the spirit that even through suffering and loss, we each have gifts to offer one another. Our shared challenges bind us together, yet our individual acts of courage and compassion light the way forward.

Merilyn’s narrative is a testament to how one person’s generosity can ripple outwards to touch countless lives. Though her kidney may reside in another, its lifesaving power lives on through her noble deed.

With the world suddenly turned upside down, we faced a daunting question: what’s next for us? I had always charted my own course as a self-employed entrepreneur – the thought of punching a clock for someone else was out of the question. Merilyn was eager to contribute with her talents too.

Where to from here…

The history of Gift Box Hampers to date. | A Gift For All OccasionsSo we put our heads together, contemplating our circumstances. Amidst the uncertainty that gripped the world, a spark of hope emerged. What if we took our talents online, launching a business we could run from the comfort of home? (Which quickly grew into a small factory space). Merilyn’s creative spirit complemented my business savvy.

Our shared passion came alive as we outlined our vision on our back porch, sipping coffee as the sun rose on a new day. The path ahead held both challenge and promise, but with determination, we took the first steps into this new venture – together.

We were enticed by the prospect of offering gift hampers across Australia. After much digging, we unearthed a tantalising opportunity in this market.

The gift hamper industry seemed to be filled with copycats, all following each other like sheep. While some hampers were admirable, they lacked imagination.

This inspired us to think outside the box. We wanted to create something truly unique and memorable. Something that would delight the recipients from the moment they received the hamper, to the moment they finished the last delicious morsel inside.

The time had come to shake up the status quo and show Australians what an inspired gift hamper could be. The hunt was on for small-batch delights and creative ways to present them. We were determined to kindle that feeling of joyful surprise and treat our customers to gift-giving experiences as special as they are.

The history of Gift Box Hampers to date. | A Gift For All OccasionsSo we decided to create the kind of hampers we’d love to receive ourselves – ones bursting with delightful choices and decadent surprises. Our hampers offer a tantalising taste adventure, with indulgent options like Anzac cookies, buttery shortbread, raspberry white chocolate confections, and 27 (yes, 27!) varieties of wine and spirits.

We’re empowering gift-givers to customise every detail and curate a hamper as unique as the recipient. Because we believe the joy is in the journey, not just the destination. With our hampers, there’s no such thing as “same old, same old.” Just lots of “oohs” and “aahs” when the lid is lifted.

Old fashioned service…

What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service? You know what I’m talking about – the kind where a real human being picks up the phone and helps you out. Where patience and understanding reign supreme. Alas, those days seem long gone for most businesses today.

Not us though! At Gift Box Hampers, we pride ourselves on providing service with a personal touch. Our website offers complete transparency – you’ll find our location, contact details, pricing, and more right up front. No hidden fees or shady business here!

What’s more, we happily take orders over the phone, unlike other aloof companies out there. We’ve had many delighted customers call just to express their relief at finally finding someone willing to pick up the phone and sort things out the old fashioned way.

The list goes on and on. While other businesses have lost their way, we still believe in the power of friendly, thoughtful service. Our customers are like family, and we aim to treat them as such. So if you’re looking for a company that hasn’t forgotten the lost art of customer care, look no further.

We may be old fashioned in our approach, but we think that’s something to be proud of!

The story of how our gift hamper business blossomed is filled with twists and turns. Though I fancied myself an IT whiz after cobbling together some rudimentary websites over the years, I was humbled when Merilyn and I embarked on building our own site.

“No problem!” I assured her confidently, flexing my meagre coding muscles. Oh, how naive I was. Neither of us were prepared for the maze of logistics that came with launching a gift basket startup: securing suppliers, nailing down deliveries, sorting through regulations.

Many sleepless nights followed as we navigated the messy behind-the-scenes work required to get our business off the ground.

Looking back, I chuckle at my blithe attitude in the early days. Building the backbone of a company takes grit and perseverance, as all entrepreneurs learn sooner or later. But we were determined to make our vision a reality, technical hiccups and all.

And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that dream come to vibrant life, hamper by hamper.

My late father was a man of great achievement. He could put his hand to anything and excel at it – I admired him deeply and still do to this day. “If someone else can do it, why can’t you?” he would tell me. “Just put your head down and get to work, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can accomplish.”

I’ve kept my father’s wisdom alive by instilling his philosophy in my five sons. Hopefully they will pass it on…

Heeding my father’s advice, Merilyn and I have spent the past three years heads down, building an alternative online gift hamper business we believe has a bright future.

We’ve achieved it all ourselves up to this point, but now we’re investing in some IT assistance. The time has come to lift our heads and see what these last few years of hard work have built!

Growing our business…

Our small business is a family affair, with just my partner Merilyn and I holding down the fort. We’re grateful when my mum and aunt can lend a hand during the busy times, but we’re ready to grow. This coming year, we plan to employ a couple staff members to help us expand.

The history of Gift Box Hampers to date. | A Gift For All OccasionsWe have a strong preference to bring on team members with disabilities. Merilyn’s sister and my late uncle Rock, both with disabilities, have shown us the incredible gifts those with disabilities can offer. My uncle’s disability was severe, making independence impossible, yet his spirit shined bright.

From them and others who are challenged, we’ve learned those with disabilities are often the most dedicated workers – loyal, honest, and committed to performing their best with a smile. Their zest for life is contagious.

How could we not want to grow our business by embracing others with their same passions? We’re eager to build a team that fully represents the diversity and talent of our community.

What’s the secret to our success here at Gift Box Hampers? It all started with one simple idea: to spread joy through beautiful, personalised gift baskets. From that humble beginning blossomed a passion for creating smiles, one hamper at a time.

But don’t just take our word for it! Dive in and explore our website – with well over 100 gift hampers bursting with delicious treats and thoughtful surprises, you’re sure to find something perfect for any occasion. And if you see something you love, you can buy it individually too!

We’re always listening to our valued customers, welcoming your creative ideas on how we can make Gift Box Hampers even better. Because for us, this isn’t just a business – it’s the chance to be a part of life’s most joyful moments.

So come join the happiness. Let us help you give a gift that will be fondly remembered, long after the treats are gone!

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